We make every effort to ensure that the products ordered from us reach you quickly and in excellent condition, therefore:

  • we carry out the delivery within one business day, counting from the moment of receipt of confirmation of the receipt of the payment;
  • we carefully pack and secure the products (the packaging fee is included in the shipping costs);
  • when you buy several products in one basket, you pay for the shipment only once.

We ship the goods:

  • on the territory Polish – through courier companies (DHL, FEDEX, DST Logistics) or on your request by Polish Post;
  • abroad – By Polish Post as an economic or air shipment.

It is worth knowing that:

  • the supply of safes and other devices for securing the value is carried out by an unmarked vehicle (the goods are additionally wrapped in black foil);
  • we have a qualified team equipped with specialized equipment, special belts and a trolley (stairway), which allows safe delivery of the order to the destination;
  • in extreme situations, we use crane services (e.g. the need to insert a heavy wardrobe through the window);

Please note that:

  • you can keep track of your order status and shipment status:
    • by logging into your account (if you have registered in our store),
    • your order number and your e-mail here (if you are an unregistered customer).
  • transport costs are subject to change due to the weight of the shipment or the number of products ordered;
  • after receiving the shipment, it is worth checking it immediately for possible violations during transport.

Transport capabilities

The company has two certified ESCALERA stairways up to 550 kg and a caterpillar DOMINO up to 400 kg. Transports are carried out by an unmarked vehicle with a freight lift up to 750 kg.