Choose accessories for safe, gun cabinet

The choice of suitable safe accessories, weapon cabinets always has to do with the practicality and functionality of storing firearms and ammunition.


Butterfly lock key

As a standard, most safes are equipped with a butterfly lock with two keys.

  • Advantage: You don't have to remember the opening code, and only those with a key have access to the safe. In the case of an encryption lock, it is already certain that the code has not been passed on to a third party.
  • Disadvantage: Both keys must be tipped so that they do not fall into the wrong hands. In addition, butterfly keys are long (up to 12 cm) and are uncomfortable to wear on the keychain.

zamek kluczowy motylkowy

Combination lock

Combination locks are opened with a numeric code usually consisting of 4 to 8 digits.

  • Advantage: No keys and usually it is possible to program codes for more than two users. Besides, if necessary, the code can always be changed.

A distinction is made between mechanical and electronic combination locks, with the operation of electronic locks much less complicated. You can connect several locks on a 4-eye basis. This is especially noteworthy when the safe is used in a company or institution. Almost all of the best gun safes today are equipped with electronic encryption locks that effectively prevent thieves and children from entering. Mechanical locks /disc/ cipher locks are also good, but for quick and easy access, the best solution is a safe with an electronic lock.

An interesting solution is an encrypted electronic lock with fingerprint reader.

zamek elektroniczny z czytnikiem odcisku palców

Biometric lock with fingerprint reader

It opens with only one finger, which moves through the fingerprint scanner.

  • Advantages: There are neither keys to worry about or codes to remember.

Internal safe

The internal safe, also known as the internal vault, which is lockable, is usually designed to store ammunition as well as documents and valuables. Restricts unauthorized access.

sejf wewnętrzny

Adjustable shelves

Security manufacturers are increasingly able to adjust the height of shelf suspensions on their own in safes and weapon cabinets. Buying a gun safe with adjustable shelves is a great idea, as you can modify the interior to fit the size and shape of your weapon. An interesting solution is the use of magnetic shelves suspended on the inside of the door.

regulowana półka szufladapółki magnetyczne

Weapon and attachment holders

A wide range of different types of weapon holders and accessories for both single and entire fixed or adjustable slats (e.g. magnetic/. They are usually made of foam or rubber to protect against scratches.

uchwyty na brońuchwyt na wyciory

Power supply and USB ports

Extremely useful for charging any gadgets you have and fixing custom lighting