Take care of the appearance of a safe, a cabinet for weapons

A safe or a gun cabinet is often more than just protection. Many people do not realize that the safe is becoming an increasingly desirable furniture, which will be appreciated for its beauty and style. A safe that is no longer designed for your basement or garage can add character to your living or office space. Of course, only the most stylish safes are suitable for use as furniture. You will need a safe whose size, color and design will match your existing décor. This means you'll need to review a wide range of safes to make sure you find the one that best suits your needs. In our store you will find many safes with an unusual appearance, from which you will surely choose something for yourself.

Paint coating of safe, weapon cabinets

Most of the safes available on the market are covered with matt or high gloss coating or covered with powder coating with hammer effect. Standard colors are shades of gray, graphite, dark green, black and white. A fashionable solution is to make a safe door in a different color than the body of the safe. We have the possibility to make a coating in any color from the RAL palette, however, in this regard there are exceptions to the rule, so it is worth contacting us in advance to determine the details.

sejfy na broń lakierowane

Safe, wooden or wood-like gun cabinet

Wooden buildings or wood-like veneer are completely new solutions used to make a safe outside. The use of this type of safe finish is a reference to nature. A safe covered with natural wood increases its standard dimensions by several centimeters. With us it is possible to make any safe in the building of natural wood like pine, ash, beech, walnut and old oak, as well as exotic wood.

sejfy-na-broń w zabudowie drewnianej i okleinie

Windows in safe, gun rack

An interesting solution is the use of protective glass, armored glass to make windows in the door as well as the side walls of the safe. This allows you to admire the contents of the safe without having to open it, especially preferred by firearms collectors.

szafa na broń Metalk Dragone

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